The TRUE Cost of "Cap and Trade"

Documenting the coming economic collapse, thanks to Obama and "global warming."

About this blog June 28, 2009

This blog is dedicated to defeating the massive regressive tax known as “cap and trade.”  You can get all the information about cap and trade, politicans who vote for it, its costs and economic impact, and how we can stop and fight it.

Simply put, cap and trade effects YOU.

Don’t listen to the lies about taxes not increasing for people making less than $250,000.

If you drive a car,

heat/cool your home,

use electricity,

buy food,

buy clothes,

buy other goods and services,

or live as Americans have lived for years, thanks to American ingenuity and hard work you WILL faced increased costs on everything (from 44-146% and more).  Jobs will be lost to nations with friendlier economies and lower tax burdens.

Cap and trade will BANKRUPT America and leave Americans impoverished.

It is up to us stop it.


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