The TRUE Cost of "Cap and Trade"

Documenting the coming economic collapse, thanks to Obama and "global warming."

How cap and trade costs jobs July 12, 2009

Filed under: Cap and Trade News,Contacting Politicians — Amy Curtis @ 10:13 am

Of politicians, for now.

From Michelle Malkin, news that Rep. Mark Kirk (IL) is seriously considering dropping out of the race to win Obama’s vacant Senate seat:

Illinois media outlets are reporting that GOP Rep. Mark Kirk — a member of the GOP Cap and Tax 8 — is dropping out of the running for President Obama’s Senate seat.

I say good. The Republicans need a candidate who can actually distinguish himself from his job-killing, junk science-peddling opponents.

And yes, it looks like the cap-and-tax protests made a difference, according to the Washington Post.


In case you need a reminder, Rep. Kirk was one of 8 GOP Congressional reps that voted for the cap and trade bill that would cripple the American economy, destroy your family budget, and probably cost you your job.

Contact the Senate. Keep the pressure on Senators to tell them to STOP this bill now.


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