The TRUE Cost of "Cap and Trade"

Documenting the coming economic collapse, thanks to Obama and "global warming."

Selling your home? Not if you don’t satisfy cap and trade. July 1, 2009

From, cap and trade provisions that allow government beaureaucrats into your home to make sure it toes the “green” line…before they allow you to sell it.

Yeah.  You read that right.  The house you own, the house you work to pay for, the house that’s your property is subject to strict government regulation and inspection before YOU can do something with it!  You know, like sell it.

Within cap and trade is a provision which mandates a national building code for energy efficiency. This national building code would override all state provisions already in place. By 2012, new buildings are to be 30% more efficient than they are under current regulations. By 2016, new buildings are to be 50% more efficient, and so on. “New buildings” include new homes, thus making new homes more expensive which will only serve to hamper the housing market.

Also, the bill stipulates that state codes match the national codes, or the said state codes will be nullified, and states will lose federal funding and carbon allowances. Remember, in this new world of cap and trade, the federal government has the authority to “allow” businesses within a state or community to conduct operations and emit carbon. Thus, millions of private sector jobs would be politicized under cap and trade. This type of politicization can only be found throughout history in societies governed by tyrants.

Perhaps President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are taking advantage of the foolish anti-business climate prevalent in America today. If one argues on behalf of business, he or she is part of the old, racist, rich, fascist, balding, all white male club. So maybe explaining how cap and trade will kill businesses and jobs is not so advantageous. However, homeowners have also been made the target of further regulations under cap and trade.

In this economy, selling a home may be the last ditch effort of someone trying to keep his or her head above water. Perhaps an individual or a family has to move on short notice but can only do so if the house they own is sold. Or, even more common nowadays, people are downsizing and are attempting to sell their house in order to buy something more in line with personal budget concerns. Whatever the case may be, Americans ought to be able to sell their houses whenever they want, and in whatever condition they want to sell it in, so long as the buyer agrees to the deal. That idea is not good enough for our federal government, instead, through cap and trade they will exact control through federal inspections of your home before you are allowed to sell.

So, new homes will be more expensive, thus limiting who can afford a new home, and further depressing the housing market. Now what of this inspection business? Yes, the cap and trade bill that passed through congress allows for somebody from the government to come into your house and inspect your windows, appliances, A/C, furnace, and anything else that you can think of to make sure your house is on par with the new national building codes. Not only will they inspect your house, but they will then be able to mandate that you, the seller, provide the necessary remedies regardless of cost, within a certain amount of time BEFORE YOU MAY SELL YOUR OWN HOUSE. So unless you bought a house that is seen as suitable through the eyes of the federal government, you can expect to spend plenty of money remaking your house, even if selling your house is a matter of economic survival for you.


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