The TRUE Cost of "Cap and Trade"

Documenting the coming economic collapse, thanks to Obama and "global warming."

Who does cap and trade help? June 29, 2009

Filed under: Economic Impact — Amy Curtis @ 3:17 am

Today, at a grocery store, I saw a station wagon loaded with stuff and a sign in the window that said, “We are homeless.  Please help.”  It was a father/son pair and I gave them $10 I had with me.

How does cap and trade help them?

How does any Obamanomics policy help make things better for them?

It doesn’t.

The entire goal of the Obama administration seems not to be helping people like those I met today, but driving the rest of us to the sort of poverty that leaves a family living out of their car.  It’s “equality”, but it sure isn’t dignified or helpful.


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