The TRUE Cost of "Cap and Trade"

Documenting the coming economic collapse, thanks to Obama and "global warming."

“The Worst Bill Ever” June 29, 2009

So says Rick Esenberg of the blog Shark and Shepherd.  Rick writes:

They say that, in Wisconsin, if you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours. In Washington, if you don’t like the weather, pass a bill. As Jim Lindgren points out, the House of Representatives has voted to change the weather.

It’s hard to know where to start with the cap and trade bill.

It comes at a time when the scientific “consensus” on climate change seems to be unraveling. That always seemed likely. While we certainly experienced (but are not now experiencing) global temperature increases and it is certainly possible for carbon emissions to have an impact on climate, every time I waded in to some of the literature, I was struck by how uncertain the entire project is and how unlikely catastrophic climate change really is. Al Gore’s horror shows never represented the scientific consensus and the science seems to be moving further away from his alarmist vision.

It comes at a time when we have heard, for eight years, that science has been politicized. While much of that criticism was overblown, science does get politicized and the change in administrations hasn’t changed that sad fact.

It comes at a time when the economic analysis seems to suggest that that adjustment is a better avoidance, yet it sets wildly aggressive emission reduction goals. Maybe they can be met, but not because Congress voted for them. What passed on Friday is a leap of faith.

Read the whole thing…


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